Academic Programmes





  • An external examination programme designed for 14 to 16 year

  • Cambridge IGCSE is an internationally based curriculum

  • Curriculum offers a variety of routes for learners with a wide range of abilities.

  • A balanced mix of practical experience and theoretical knowledge.



  • The IGCSE Programme for Grade 9 and Grade 10 is administered by CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education).

  • Students are prepared for further academic success, including progression to IB Diploma and other pre-university programmes.

  • Good grades and a good personality both result in infinite success, we not only facilitate the academic growth of a student but also develop their personality.

  • We provide counselling at a personal level to understand student needs and facilitate their academic and career growth.

  • Students are encouraged to develop learner knowledge, understanding and skills by building interest in the diverse cultures and attitudes of people; celebrating their own unique heritage; by making them aware of the fundamental, positive values of the common heritage of human beings and by encouraging intercultural awareness.

  • Students are guided by dedicated faculty and progressive programming that support each student's development, so they acquire the confidence to meet the challenges of independent and collaborative learning in an international and technologically-rich context.

  • Our rich co-curricular opportunities help balance the rigorous academic programme by providing students the opportunity to find their passions, learn to communicate effectively with their peers and embrace the opportunity to be their best selves. Participation in co-curricular activities, service initiatives, social events, and our house system are all integral parts of student life. Some of the co-curriculars offered to students have included: Dance, Film Making, Entrepreneurship, DJing, Innovation hub (STEAM), Communication skill workshops, Personality Development sessions are some more ways in which our students can bloom themselves.


Age Criteria and Eligibility:

Age Group


School Timing

(Monday to Friday)

14 years to 16 years

Grade 9 and Grade 10

8:15 am to 3:20 pm


Subjects offered @DYPISW for IGCSE Programme:

All the subjects are offered only at the extended curriculum levels.

A student is required to do a minimum of 7 subjects from the aforementioned groups.

The student must select two languages from Group 1, one subject each from Group 2 to 5.

Group 1 (Languages)

Second Language

English as a first language

Hindi or French

Group 2 (Humanities and Social Sciences)

English Literature, Economics, Cambridge Global Perspectives, History

Group 3 (Sciences)  

Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Management

Group 4 (Mathematics)

Extended Mathematics and Additional Mathematics

Group 5 (Creative and Professional)

Business Studies, Information and Communication Technology, Computer Science, Art & Design

7th Subject 

Choose subject from Group 3 or Group 5


Assessment @ DYPISW

The grades awarded in each subject by the Cambridge examining board range from Grade A* (Highest Level of Achievement) to Grade G (Lowest Level of Achievement). Students who display a high level of achievement in specific combinations of at least seven subjects may also be eligible for the prestigious ICE (International Certificate of Education) award.

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