Academic Programmes





  • Designed for students aged 3 to 12 years.

  • Inquiry-based approach to learning.

  • Framework guided by six transdisciplinary themes.



  • The Primary Years Programme at DYPISW encourages young students to become active participants in the educational process as they ask questions and then find the answers through guided explorations.

  • The six transdisciplinary themes is addressed each year by all students. (Students aged 3 to 5 engage with four of the themes each year.)

  • PYP students have the opportunity to learn more than one language from the age of eight.

  • Students are encouraged to think independently, make choices, become problem-solvers, express themselves creatively and work cooperatively with others.

  • The skill areas of thinking, communication, self-management, social skills and research are developed in the context of meaningful situations.

  • Early Years are innovative, imaginative and observant beings, the power of play encourages them to develop social, cognitive, language and critical thinking skills. It is through play, we develop life skills in our students, help them regulate their thoughts and form an understanding of the world around them.

  • Our language and literary programme involves various components such as Read Aloud, Language Labs, Guided Reading and Writer's workshop to develop Reading and Writing skills.

  • With our focus on integrated approach of teaching and learning we design learning experiences to explore Math and Science concepts applications in real life scenarios.

  • Students participate in extracurricular activities and events like Art competition, Inter-House Soccer, Quiz competition, Olympiads, Logiqids, Literary week, Elocution, Masterchef, Science week and many more.

  • PYP Exhibition: An important phase of our final year Grade 5 students, this is the time they exhibit all their learning, transdisciplinary themes and showcase it to the parents in the form of an exhibition.


Age Criteria and Eligibility:

Age Group


School Timing

(Monday to Friday)

3 years to 5 years

Nursery to Kindergarten II

8:15 am to 12:45 pm

6 years to 11 years 

Grade 1 to Grade 5

8:15 am to 3:20 pm

IB Primary Years Programme Subjects:

Language A


Language B

Hindi (Nursery to Grade 1)

Hindi and French (Grade 2 to Grade 5)




Social Studies

Arts, Dance and Drama

Personal, Social and Physical Education (PSPE)


Assessment @ DYPISW

Assessment is a continuous and rigorous process where teachers identify students' needs and use assessment data to plan the next stage of their learning. Teacher's assessed the student on each of the following elements:

  • understanding of concepts,

  • the acquisition of knowledge,

  • the mastering of skills,

  • the development of positive attitudes and

  • the ability to take responsible action.

The purposes of assessment are to:

  • promote student learning

  • provide information about student learning

  • contribute to the successful implementation of the programme.


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