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    Parents @ DYPIS - Grade I

    Dear Reshma and Dhruti,
    I thought I should let you know, you have made my day today.
    Adwait had asked me for some money to buy nachos from school during short break. Today morning when I was giving him the money, he simply refused by saying" I have had enough junk, so, no junk food for me today. I shall have it next week". When I asked him who taught you this, he said " teacher". I could not believe my ears, that a six year old child is refusing to have junk food. Thanks for imbibing good values in my child. Really appreciate.

    Goonjan Jain ( Parent of Adwait Jain- Grd 1C)

    Hi mam,
    just wanted to share with you. Both Aarna and Sunehra are taking their sports day very seriously. They have set up obstacle races and practice every evening for an hour. Its so lovely to see them do this. Thank you for all the encouragement.

    Shradha Salla